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Tobenn Whitaker / Videographer / Aussie Abroad

G'day! I'm Tobenn. 

A passionate videographer / video editor from Australia who has been lucky enough to have developed a successful career in Sports, Current Affairs, Children's Factual, Documentaries and Daytime TV. I have had the chance to travel the world with my job and work in-house for some giants of the Industry.

When I first moved to the UK , I was in search of new career horizons and (drum roll) adventure, I found plenty of both.. but now I am wanting to challenge myself further by jumping into the world of Freelance and Indie Production here in the UK. I'm all trained up, kitted out and looking to meet and connect with more people in the industry. There is always more to learn and share. 


I also hope to give back, through PostLight Productions and am looking to help small businesses, charities, and artists grow their brands through impactful video. 

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